Urban Deep Biography


Gavin has been DJ'ing and Producing professionally for over 15 years and has had numerous success on many independent record labels such as Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow and Reinforced Records to name but a few, as well as his 1998 album 'Paradise' featuring Larry Heard (Mr Fingers) on Sony Records. He also runs his own independent Drum & Bass record label Phuzion Records.

Ryan Daniels was born in London and developed an interest in playing musical instruments during his early teens. (clarinet and saxophone)

Ryan was introduced and then tutored by ledgendary saxophonist David "Baps" Baptiste of Light of The World / Beggar & Co. Whilst accompanying David "Baps" Baptiste to gigs Ryan gained a wealth of musical experience. Ryan was also introduced to a vocal coach and R&B performer J C Bentley, who helped Ryan perfect his vocal ability. Ryan went onto perform with many bands including soul funk legends Atmosfear. Ryan also formed hes own band called Realta, they went on to play successful gigs like (Pizza Express Jazz Cafe Soho).

During this time Ryan's expressive and poetic nature inspired him into producing and writing songs.


In 2006 Gavin and Ryan hooked up in the studio to record some vocals and sax riffs on one of Gavin's House tracks. Instantly there was a great rapport, understanding and mutual respect, complementing one another's musical talent, and from there Urban Deep was to be formed…

With Ryan's forceful lyrics, soulful melodies and uplifting vocals/saxophone, mixed with Nookie's definitive beats, creative weighty grooves and quintessential producing, it became a perfect recipe and the future looks bright for Urban Deep.

With several tracks already written Gavin and Ryan approached Irma Records in Japan. Soon after hearing the Urban Deep sound Irma Records quickly got in contact with Gavin and Ryan to sign up the pair and release the forthcoming Urban Deep album along with numerous 12" singles.

December 2007 saw the debut 12" Single release from Urban Deep entitled 'Sweet Embrace (Yuma Remix + Original Mix) that finished on iTunes at no16 hit for 2008,' B/W 'Try Even Harder (Remix + Original Mix)', followed by the 2nd 12" release in early 2008 and the full album around March/April 2008!


As well as forming Urban Deep primarily as a production partnership Gavin and Ryan are also taking their unique sound on the road with DJ / Sax / Vocalist sets and a full live band.

Urban Deep Have gone on to support such artists as.. Dee Cee Lee, The Deep MO, Atmosfear, to name but a few.

...And with 2 new albums in the pipeline and the completion of the FULL LIVE BAND, the future is looking very bright for Urban Deep.